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Membership Forms can also be obtained by contacting the Secretary using our contacts page or directly emailing

Memberships will remain valid until 31st December of the current year.

Memberships groups include –

Under 5 years - Free membership

5 – 10 years - $20 per year

Junior - $70 per year

Open - $90 per year

Associate - $20

Please note that all Junior and 5 - 10 year memberships must be accompanied with either an open or associate membership of at least one parent.

QBRA Forms

Please note all Junior Memberships must be accompanied by a Senior or Associate Membership

2024- Yearly Membership Form and Waiver

2024 - Day Membership Form and Waiver

Futurity and Maturity Proof of Age Form

Futurity & Maturity Horse Nomination Form

Movement Record

Photo Disclosure Form for Minors


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